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Now that we have seen how my home network and my home lab looks like we are ready to start building the mega-project I have in my mind.

So what do I actually want to build?

The goal is the be able to spin up multiple lab environments and test multiple features with different software combinations. I will need this because each customer environment is different and the way how infrastructure behaves all depends on the version and interoperability of different software versions.

I have 768 GB of RAM capacity in my Compute cluster. I have 256 GB of RAM capacity in my Management cluster.

Below you will find a resource calculation sheet that I created to calculate (and determine) the capacity requirements for one single lab environment.

Single Site:

Screenshot 1545.png

Dual Site:

Screenshot 1546.png

When making the following calculation 768/127 = I can run 6 single site labs When making the following calculation 768/254 = I can run 3 dual-site labs. Or I can run a combination of a few single sites and dual-site labs :-)

When we visualize this, this looks like this for the single site version: BEC0EAEA-2567-4A91-BE77-FC8F7D25CC57.png

When we visualize this, this looks like this for the dual site version: 3E4DFF43-CEA8-4E2B-8F7D-1CE6CED0BDF0.png

Each “network topology” per site is explained in this article: Virtual “physical” network (Cumulus Network) To give you a quick peek this is the drawing of each network topology per site: