The Master System and Network Engineering

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I decided to do something else for a change and applied for the University of Amsterdam.

Before I was actually admitted I needed to pass 6 tests as part of the Admission Procedure of the faculty.

The name of the Master that I admitted to is called "The Master  System Network Engineering" and this Master takes 1 year if done in Full-Time and 2 years if done in Part-Time.

The Master System and Network Engineering is a time intensive one year course given at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (<acronym title="University of Amsterdam">UvA</acronym>). It allows students to specialize in System and Network Engineering on a more theoretical level. As such, graduated System and Network Engineers play a central role in the efficient and effective functioning and innovation of the technical ICT infrastructure of the Netherlands. The impact and use of this infrastructure increases every day, as does our dependency, its complexity and its (mis)use and (mis)management. For correct management of this infrastructure people are required who are well versed in the technical details on one side, and the goals and needs of organizations and society on the other side.

The master <acronym title="System and Network Engineering">SNE</acronym> has two tracks, a Networking track and a Forensics track. In their curriculum you find a list of individual courses.

I personally don't know what track I am going to follow ... but for now I will aim for the Forrensic Track (but this can change within the following 6 months).

Wish me luck!

Degree: Master of Science Duration: 2 Years (Part-Time) Started: September 2011 Expected Graduation: July 2013

My personal "study" Wiki for this Master can be found HERE.