Subnet and IP address planning and registration using PHPIPAM

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Deploying an automated nested lab with the size and scale I am doing, requires proper IP address management and documentation. Typically I would do this using excel sheets. There are much smarter ways to do IP address management and there are paid solutions so-called IPAM that also offer other services like DNS for example.

While I was upgrading my lab and perform management I remembered that I have been using another web-based tool in the past called PHPIPAM. The code can be downloaded here.

And the demo can be found here.

I decided to re-install and registered all my IP addresses including the ones I am using for the nested automated labs.

Below you will see a screenshot of the page where I registered all subnets I used:

Screenshot 1550.png

As an example I also included the registered IP addresses in the "LX-APP-MGMT-11" segment.

Screenshot 1551.png