Starting my VCDX-NV journey

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As most of you know for the last couple of years I have been a "networking guy". Three years ago I suddenly got interested in Virtualization technology and mainly Network Virtualization. One of the commercial products for Network Virtualization is VMware NSX. In my journey learning about NSX I have created a very useful Video Study Guide (

Right now I am at the stage that I want to learn more on an architectural level how network virtualization is fitting into a complete solution that consist of several building blocks.

Therefore, I have decided to study for the VCDX-NV exam that focusses on the architectural design aspect.

After my CCIE exams and getting my Master Degree in Computer Science I think it’s time for something else now!

As the VCDX program does not only focus on one single area it is important to not only know something about one subject (like the Network) but it is important to be "T -shaped" in terms of knowledge which means that you also need to have in-dept knowledge of other subjects like Storage, vSphere Core, HA/DR/FT and so on...

You will be seeing a lot more blog articles that guide me through my learning process...