Playing with a Catalyst 6500 and a WiSM blade

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Last weekend I did some practicing with a Catalyst 6500 and a WiSM blade. In order to get more comfortable with this I created a few tasks that I think are important for the CCIE Wireless Lab.

Below you will find a overview of the questions that I created and you will find a link to the document with the Solutions to those questions. So if you are trying to study please try to answer these questions yourself first and if you are already familiar you can just download the Solution Document :-)

Anyway ... here it is and have fun! If you like it or feel something is wrong or missing please leave me a comment below :-)


1. Upgrade IOS of Cat6500 in order to support the WiSM blade

2. Configure the Service Interfaces of both controllers of the WiSM blade (use VLAN 11 = 10.11.11.x/24) Use the following methods to achieve your goal and eventually configure the interfaces statically:

  • ➢ Dynamic (it does not matter what IP address WLC1 and WLC2 will get)
  • ➢ Dynamic with exclusions (WLC1 =, WLC2 =
  • ➢ Dynamic with MAC reservations (WLC1 =, WLC2 =
  • ➢ Static (WLC1 =, WLC2 =

3. Access WLC1 and WLC2 without using telnet, SSH or a console connection.

4. Configure AutoLAG and explain why we cannot use normal LAG between Cat6500 and the WiSM blade. Make sure Layer 3 traffic is trusted. Also explain how we can trust Layer 2 traffic.

5. Configure load balancing for load balancing based on best practices

6. Create a Management VLAN for the WiSM blade on the Cat 6500 (VLAN 21 = 10.11.21.x/24) and do an initial configuration on WLC1 & WLC2. Use the following IP addresses: SVI interface = WLC1 management interface = WLC1 AP-manager interface = WLC1 management interface = WLC1 AP-manager interface = Configure these IP addresses with the initial config setup on both WLC’s. Make sure how to change this IP address after the initial config is done

7. Make sure that the traffic that is coming from WLC1 and WLC2 is arriving in a untagged form but stills travels trough the Management VLAN (21)

8. Reset the WiSM blade independently from the Cat6500 switch

Question + Solution Document: >> Cat-6500-WiSM-Practice-V1.0.pdf