Native IPv6 GRE Tunnel using 2 x Cisco 877’s

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Somewhere in 2007 I written an article on native IPv6 GRE Tunneling between 2 x Cisco 877’s.

This small test project was done together with my old manager Willem Eradus.

We both had an SixXS account with both our own IPv6 subnet. What the goal was is to connect the internal IPv6 LAN range of Willem and me together and create a so called native IPv6 tunnel.

In the article the following start summery is giving:

The goal of this project is to set up a IPV6 GRE TUNNEL between 2 sites. The sites used in this project are from Iwan (Rotterdam‐The Netherlands) & Willem (De Kwakel‐The Netherlands) The end result will be that Willem can reach Iwan’s IPV6 internal network and Iwan Willem’s internal IPV6 network”

The article can be found >> IPV6-GRE-TUNNEL.pdf here.