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As many people ask my (including my dad) what I am actually doing (work related) I decided to write a blog post about this.

I am currently working for Cisco Systems in The Netherlands for the NDCS organisation in the DCNI departement. NDCS stands for "Network Data Center Services" and DCNI stands for "Data Center Network Implementation". My job titel is IT Engineer or Network Engineer and my job role is Data Center Implementation Engineer.

Here is a 1-sentence explanation that fully describes my day to day work: "Implementation Engineer that is responsible for implementing/configuring, changing and troubleshooting the Datacenter Network Infrastructure for the Cisco Organisations (internally"

To give you a full overview or what we are doing I am going to share some data that can be found on the Cisco IT website.

I found some very good and interesting content on this website that just perfectly explains the enviroment that I am building together with my collegues. You can find the content below...

Click on "SKIP THE INTRODUCTION AND ENTER THE LOBBY" Then choose for the middle guy "Sean Worthington" and click on IT Infrastructure or Virtualisation

You will be presented with 8 different topics for IT Infrastructure:

  • Introduction (0:34 min.)
  • Infrastructure Layout (3:18 min.)
  • Server and Storage Overview (3:01 min.)
  • Server Infrastructure (1:53 min.)
  • Storage Infrastructure (3:10 min.)
  • Consolidation and the Cisco MDS Switch Family
  • Network Infrastructure (7:03 min.)
  • Data Center Security (5:36 min.)

When you click on Virtualization you will be presented with 6 different topics:

  • Introduction (0:38 min.)
  • Strategy and Practice (5:32 min.)
  • Server Virtualization(6:15 min.)
  • Storage Virtualization (4:41 min.)
  • Network Virtualization and Unified I/O (11:15 min.)
  • Security Strategies (1:24 min.)

If you have time left ... and you enjoyed the explanation ... please take the Richardson Datacenter Tour as well!