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Recently I have started working in a newly build Cisco Data Center and I learned about a new type of cabeling that is used for patching. Patching between patchpanels and network equipment.

This cabling is called MPO / MTP which stands for "Multiple-Fibre Push-On/Pull-off"

MPO is Multiple-Fibre Push-On connector. MTP connector, designed by US Conec Ltd., is simply tunned MPO connector with better optical and mechanical performance.

The purpose of this technology is that you can pull just 1 single cable with for example 12 fibers. So in stead of patching 12 seperate fiber cables you only patch 1 cable with 1 connector.

To have a better understanding of this all I will make you familier with some MTP terminology:

  • MTP Trunks
  • MTP casettes
  • MTP fanouts
  • Direct Splits (MTP to LC or MTP to SC cables)

MTP Trunks


The MTP Trunk cable is designs for Data Center Applications. This cable is a round cable with the outer diameter of 3,0 mm or 4,5 mm (with two jackets on both sides). The connectors where this cable is terminated on is the so called MTP connector (female)

MTP casettes


The MTP casette is nothing more then a basic case which splits out MTP to SC/LC connectors. The picture that is showed below is a casette for 12 SC/LC connectors, but they are also available for 24 connectors.

MTP fanouts


MTP fanout cables are cables that are multiple cables that are bundeled within the same jacket. This is also often refered as a Breakout cable. More can be found about this on Wikipedia

Direct Splits (MTP to LC or MTP to SC cables)


MTP Direct Split cables are cables with the fanout made directly in the MTP connector. These are designed for high density Data Center applications to plug into MTP casettes and/or MTP patchpanels