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The LoXX ONE is an automatic doorlock system which gives you the abillity to lock your door with an remote control. So why do I need to use a Loxx? Well in general I don't need it at all but it's just fun to play with and part of my domotica project. According to the Loxx website you need it because:

  • You can open the door With one push on the remote control.
  • There is an option to always use the nightlock mode so your door is always locked.
  • Anybody can operate a LoXX.
  • The LoXX is easy to mount, and no cutting and breaking is required
  • You never have to search for the keyhole (unless the batteries are dead of the LoXX)
  • The LoXX can communicate with e.g. the mobile telephone, alarm system, door automatic, and a bunch of other stuff which includes Homeseer2.

Well, most of the reasons given above are a all bit of a sales pitch but they are all true ...

I ordered the LoXX at a LoXX reseller TANE/HA Shop.

I ordered the following parts

  • LoXX ONE set (30/45)
  • Communication controller Maxi + power adapter Maxi
  • LoXX Wall switch

Loxx ONE set〈30-45〉

This is the LoXX ONE itself ... so the electronic mechanism with the SKG** lock cylinder and the parts you need to install it. The 30/45 model is the model I needed because of the thickness of my door. When I people with a door that is less thicker will need the 30/30 model.

Communication controller Maxi and power adapter Maxi

This is the so called "domotica-controller" which you can use make your Loxx work with other devices. I am personally going to use this controller to integrate my Loxx with Homeseer 2. This controlled was developed together with TANE.

Loxx Wall switch

The wall switch is used near to your door to easely open your door. You can mount this switch everywhere you want (near to your Loxx ONE)


The LoXX ONE meets the demands that are set by SKG and PKVW. The remote control (as well as the wall switch and MAXI controller) works with a so-called ‘encrypted Code’ on 868 MHz. Copying is therefore useless, each opening code is unique. The LoXX will change it's encrypted Code everytime it's used to something unique. The encryption code has more that 19 trillion possibilities. When the LoXX receives a wrong code for 10 times it will not respond for 5 minutes, when it receives 10 x a wrong code again it will not respond for 10 minutes this will double everytime someone is trying to hack the code.


Within the guide it states that you can install this within 15 minuetes. This is probably true when your a pro. It took me almost 2 hours to install it. The steps are very basic and straigtforward:

  • Remove the doorhandle
  • Remove current fitting and cylinder
  • Place the LoXX cylinder
  • Mount the current innershield in combination with the mountingplate
  • Mount the LoXX with the four screws
  • Place the LoXX cover
  • Place the 2 follow up contacts

Below you can find a picture how this is going to work in the total setup... I am not sure if I am going to use IP Power or the RFXio to make the connection towards Homeseer 2 so that's why both solutions are presented.




Homeseer 2 integration

I decided to go for the RFXio option to control the MAXI Controller (and the MAXI controller controles the LoXX One on it's turn.

The RFXio that I use has 8 input or outputs ... its just a matter how you would like to use them. I am using at least 2 ports as an output port for now. These output ports will have wires towards the MAXI controller's input's The MAXI controller has alot of inputs but only uses 2 ports for CLOSING and OPENING the LoXX

What is basically happening here is:

  • You send a signal to the RFXio on a specific output
  • that specific output is sending a electrical signal towards the MAXI controller's input
  • When the MAXI controller received the electrical signal on that input it will send a signal to the LoXX
  • the Maxi Controller uses 2 seperate inputs to OPEN and CLOSE the lock
  • Goals Reached

    Then Loxx is now controllable trough Homeseer and I can OPEN and CLOSE the lock based on events now...

    For now my lock automationis doing the following stuff:

  • The LoXX is going into door locking mode arround 23:00
  • The LoXX can be controlled with Visonic Keyfobs
  • Last Updated on 04-02-2010