Harrison RF-Curtain Rails

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The Harrison Curtain Electrical Curtain rails is a curtain rails that works with RF (433.92MHz) What is needed to make the rails work trough Homeseer is:

Harrison Curtain Electrical Curtain rails

I ordered the Harisson Curtain Rails at the Harrison company itself. My livingroom is 6 meters wide and I wanted a rails that was made out of 1 piece so I ordered a 6 meter rails. The rails comes with:

  • A remote
  • The rails itself
  • A power Adapter (for the motor in the rails)

Below you will see the illustration of how this is working. harrison1.png

When configured correctly Homeseer sends a signal to the RFXmitter (trough the network (LAN)) and the RFXmitter sends the signal to curtain rails. There are only 3 signals that can be send to the curtain rails:

  • Open
  • Close
  • Stop

I guess these signals speak for themselves. The goal was that I wanted to make my cutains in the livingroom controllable via my computer. The Homeseer 2 software makes it possible to open or close based on specific events.

So just to give an example, the curtains can be closed automatically when it´s 19:00 and the sun went under (in the wintertime) and 22:00 in the summertime. Or to make it even nicer the curtains can be closed automatically when a lightsensor is sensing a specific amount of darkness.

RFXCom Homeseer Plugin

The RFXCom Homeseer Plugin will take care of the interaction between homeseer and the RFXmitter. This plugin is also used to change some settings of the RFXMitter.

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