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Hi, I have created an iPhone interface with HSTouch for my iPhone. This creation is inspired by the interface that was made my Enver (TANE) Below you can watch the video of the created iPhone interface:

The iPhone look icons that where used on the interface where created in Adobe Photoshop.

Basically the interface is buid out of a "main screen" where you can select all rooms in the house ...

When you select a room for example the "living room" you will see all the devices that are controlable within that room.

In the Living room you can find devices like my Curtains, TV, DVD Player, UPC, Box, Popcorn Hour and my Xbox 360.

When you click on the Curtains TV, DVD Player, UPC, Box, Popcorn Hour or the Xbox 360 screen you will be presented a page with controls to control this specific device.

I really love my "All channels" page where all channels are presented with the logo's.

Updated on 31-12-2009 – Created Initial page