Getting started with vRealize Network Insight / Arkin (Installation & Configuration)

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I decided to play around with vRealize Network Insight after reading this article.

The steps for installation are described in this guide.

Erik Scholten has written a pretty good article on the capabilities of vRealize Network Insight here.

But at this time of writing the guide did not really cover all steps. But don't worry! I will cover all steps to get it installed and configured.

The steps are shown below:

Deploy VMware_vRealize_Network_Insight_3 0 0–1469457715_platform ova

Screenshot 242.png

Screenshot 243.png

Screenshot 244.png

Screenshot 245.png

Screenshot 246.png

Screenshot 247.png

Screenshot 248.png

Screenshot 249.png

Screenshot 250.png

Screenshot 251.png

Screenshot 252.png

Screenshot 253.png

Screenshot 254.png

Screenshot 255.png

Screenshot 256.png

Screenshot 257.png

Browse to webpage

In my case I first received a strange login screen and I did not know any username and password to log in. According to the installation guide I should have gotten a screen where I can add the licence.

Screenshot 240.png

After waiting for 2 hours for some reason it suddenly showed me the correct screen. I suspect that not all services where started after the initial boot and I just needed to have some patience.

Add License

Screenshot 258.png

Screenshot 259-new.png

Screenshot 260-new.png

Generate Shared Secret

Screenshot 261.png

Screenshot 262-new-new.png

Deploy VMware_vRealize_Network_Insight_3 0 0–1469457715_proxy ova and Use Shared Secret to install Proxy

Screenshot 263.png

Screenshot 264.png

Screenshot 265.png

Screenshot 266.png

Screenshot 267.png

Screenshot 268.png

Screenshot 269.png

Screenshot 270.png

Screenshot 271.png

Screenshot 272.png

Screenshot 273-new.png

Screenshot 274.png

Screenshot 275.png

Screenshot 276.png

Screenshot 277.png

Screenshot 278.png

Click Finish when proxy is detected

Screenshot 279-new.png

Browse to webpage and login

What was also missing in the installation guide was the username / password for the first time login. After asking around I got to know that the username is "admin@local" and the password is "admin".

Screenshot 280.png

Screenshot 281.png

Switch between modes

Screenshot 282.png

Add Data Source

Screenshot 283.png

Screenshot 284.png

Screenshot 285.png

Screenshot 286.png