Finally a CCIE Voice

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Hi blog readers,

As some of you already know I was busy with achieving my CCIE Voice.

Well I can tell you that I reached my goal.

On the 24th of January 2008 my journey started when I passed the CCIE Voice Written Exam. I can remember the exact day ... and the localtion was in Barcelona at Networkers 2008. Just a month after some things happened in my personal life that really shook things up. I was not able to study for at least a year and I totally lost feeling for everything that was networking related. But luckly I picked up where I stopped and passed the CCIE Voice Written Exam again on the 25th September 2009. I needed to do this because I did not took any lab attempt within the 18 months starting from the 24th of January.

It took me a year and several attempts (which is an understatement) to pass the most difficult CCIE exam (from my point of view) EVER!

However even tough I did most of it myself I still think I need to thank some people that helped me trough this ride. In this journey I made new friends and some enemies.

Special thanks go to:

Fellow CCIE Students: Oliver Ksiazek Ossamah  Shabbir Ashar Siddiqui Allen (don't know his real name :-)

All of you thanks for supporting me and helping me even when you guys passed you still stick with me till the end! IPExpert: Vik Malhi Wayne Lawson II Amy Ryan

Vik and Amy thanks! ... As busy as they are they still had time to asner some questions trough Skype. Wayne thank you for providing me with the best Remote CCIE Voice Racks ever! And ofcourse all the material I needed!

And I can not forget my lovely girlfriend who really gave me the time to study. Thanks Shareen!

So what's next ... Thats the question that everyone is asking me at the moment ... I have no clue ... but as the goal is CCA I need to work on CCDE which will be a good move for the rest of my career. But I have to say that CCIE Wireless is tempting as well.

Ah we will see ... the first that is coming is going to be a relaxing week :-)

Take care! Iwan Hoogendoorn CCIEx4 (R&S, Sec, SP and Voice)