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Its been a while back since you hear from me.

It's always very busy and one of the things that I have een doing is finishing my Masters Degree that I blogged about on 2 September 2011.

And guess what?! I am officially a Master of (Computer) Science.


In order to be "accepted" to this program I needed to complete an admission test put together by the faculty. After completing all the tests I was added to the student list of the class of 2011/2012. As I did this Master on a Part Time basis the first part of the Master wat in 2011/2012 and the second part was in 2012/2013.

I basically passed all of the courses in one go except for one ... so eventually I needed to retake the class in the school year of 2013/2014 and passed the last course in December 2013 (but got my grade back in January 2014 due to the holidays and vacation).

Below you will find an overview of all my courses that I had to take and the publications I was responsible for (together with fellow students) during this Master (of System and Network Engineering (Forensic Track).

Part 1 〈2011-2012〉

Essential Skills (ES) Passed the theoretical and the practical exam.

Security of Systems and Networks (SSN) Passed the theoretical exam. Research + Written paper together with Joris Soeurt and Tarik El YassemFurther reducing the anonymity set of web servers hidden within the I2P network.[1]

Research Project 1 (RP1) Research + Written paper together with Joris Soeurt (at SURFsara - Supervisor: Ronald v/d Pol): Shortest path forwarding using OpenFlow.

CyberCrime and Forensics (CCF) Research + Written paper together with Rory Breuk (made possible by The forensic reliability of recorded video images on digital video recorders by Dahua Technology.

Offensive Technologies (OT) Research + Written paper together with Dennis CortjensThe network security of client-server iPhone applications.

Part 2 〈2012-2013〉

Classical Internet Applications (CIA) Passed the theoretical exam.

Distributed Systems (DS) Failed the theoretical exam.

Large Installation Administration (LIA) Passed the theoretical exam. Research + Written paper together with Fahimeh AlizadehVisualizing and configuring network layers across on demand networks.

Visual Analytics (VA) (Information Visualization) Passed the theoretical exam.

Research Project 2 (RP2) Research + Written paper together with Edwin Schaap (at Nederlands Forensisch Instituut (Dutch Forensic Institute) - Supervisor: Ruud van Baar): Reconstructing web pages from browser cache.

Part 2 〈2013-2014〉

Distributed Systems (DS) Passed the theoretical exam.