Callmanager Express (CME) 4 on a GNS3 router

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I managed to get CME working on a GNS3/Dynamips router. The steps that I followed:

  • Create a new GNS3 Project
  • Get the IOS version "c3725-adventerprisek9_ivs-mz.124-15.T6.bin"
  • Get the CME files "cme-full-"
  • Create a new 3700 router
  • Edit the properties and change the PCMCI disk0 space to 99MB


  • Create a cloud with a breakout to your real network with the Ethernet NIO interface


  • When that is done connect 1 of the router interfaces to the NIO Cloud interface



  • Start the Router
  • Assign an IP address to the routers interface (the one that is connected to the NIO/LAN breakout interface) and if neccesary also put in a default gateway.
  • Set up an TFTP server where you will put the "cme-full-" file on
  • Make sure you can ping the TFTP server from the router (so that the TFTP server is accesable from the router)
  • Do a "erase flash:" on the router
  • Do a "format flash:" on the router in order to create a DOS filesystem
  • Issue the follwing command "archive tar /xtract tftp://x.x.x.x/cme-full- flash:" (X = TFTP server IP address or DNS name)
  • From this moment on all files will be extractes into the routers flash.
  • Before you can start you need to issue the following commands on the router
ip http server
ip http authentication local
no ip http secure-server
ip http path flash:/gui
username cisco privilege 15 secret cisco
web admin system name cisco secret cisco

When this is done you can access the CME trough the browser with ">https://router-ip/telephony-service.html


Note of Mohamed Alm (to get CME 7 working):

Hi Iwan,

I think you missed something very important. The callmanager version (4.3 in this case) is not determined by the CME tar file you extracted, but by The IOS version on your router(which is c3725-adventerprisek9_ivs-mz.124-15.T6.bin in this case). If you do a “show telephony-service” you will see that the version of CME you installed is not 4.3 but instead is 4.0. Which has far less feature (no octoline testing for example). Thus you need to load an IOS version of 12.4(22)T on your router (7200) to get the 7.0 or 4.3 version on your router.