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Today I received equipment that I can use in order to build my CCIE Wireless Lab. The lab is not complete yet ... but I can test arround 90% of the Blueprint topics of CCIE Wireless.

The only topics that I won't be able to test/learn are:

  • VTP
  • Trunking
  • HSRP
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Catalyst 6500 + WiSM specific stuff

In the the coming months I will add at least 4 x Cisco 3560 switches to my lab and if possible 3 x WLC 4402.

I am using WLC4402 devices in stead of the Cat6500 + WiSM because it's very hard to get those, and running these from a home environment is a bit too overkill (Yes even for me)

For now I am using the following equipment:

Switches: 1 x Cisco C3560-24PS-S

Access Points: 1 x Cisco AIR-RM1252A-E-K9 1 x Cisco AIR-AP1242G-A-K9 5 x Cisco AIR-AP1242G-E-K9

Wireless Controllers: 1 x Cisco AIR-WLC2106-K9 V03 1 x Cisco AIR-WLC4402-12-K9 V02 2 x Cisco AIR-WLC4402-24-K9 1 x Airspace AS-4012 –DTA-WPS-POE (AIR-AS-4012-K9)

Gbics: 2 x Cisco GLC-SX-MM 1 X Cisco GLC-T

Power Injectors: 1 x AIR-PWRINJ3

Phones: 1 x Cisco 7921

Servers: 1 x ACS 1 x WCS 1 x CUCM

In order to have my lab complete I will still need:

  • 1 x Cisco 6500 Series + Supervisors + Switchport Blade + 2 x WiSM (or 1 x Cisco 3560 with 2 x 4402 WLC)
  • 3 x Cisco 3560 Switches
  • several GLC-SX-MM + and several LC-LC-SX Fiber cables (voor connection between 4402 and 3560)

Here you can see some pictures how it looks now :-)