Add a (vCenter Server) Compute Manager to NSX-T

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In this article, I will show you how you add a Compute Manager (a vCenter Server) to NSX-T.

You need to add a vCenter Server (Compute Manager) to NSX-T to:

  1. Install additional NSX-T Manager Nodes through the NSX-T GUI.
  2. Install NSX-T VIB modules on ESXi Hosts in order to make them Hoste Transport Nodes so they can make use of the NSX-T Services.

The high-level steps

Below you will find the high-level steps on how to add a Compute Manager to NSX-T.

  1. STEP 1) Add a Compute Manager to NSX-T.

STEP 1) Add a Compute Manager to NSX-T

NSX-T GUI: System >> Configuration >> Fabric >> Compute Managers >> Add


Fill in a name, the vCenter Server IP address (or FQDN), and your SSO credentials and click on "Add".


You will be presented to add the Thumbprint. Go ahead and add this.


When you added the thumbprint you can add the Compute Manager and when you have added this sucessfully you will see it added in the summary screen. Notice the Registration State is "Registered" and the Connection State is "Up".


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