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This is my personal wiki page where I blog / wiki all my technical adventures.

By writing about it I not only have the opportunity to keep up my knowledge but I am also sharing something to the community.

Latest articles and changes:

Latest technologies I am working / testing with:

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VMware NSX is one of the most groundbraking products that I have seen the last coulple of years.

With the Software Defined Data Center "revolution" network virtualization is one of the three important pillars to build on. With the full integration on VMware's other products it can be even more powerful.

In the VMware section you will my personal archive of the stuff that I tested out in my lab environment.
To run most of the VMware products the "core" vSphere environment needs to be present and fully functional.

The "core" consist typically of vCenter servers, Platform Services Controllers and ESX hosts.

In the VMware section I will be showcasing / testing some of the most powerfull features of the "core".
In order to use / run virtual networking there is still a part of the network that needs to be "physical".

This can be of any vendor, from Juniper to Cisco to Arista or maybe even Cumulus.

In the (general) networking section I am going to test different features of different vendors and document them so you can learn from this as well.
With many different technologies to write about and so many vendors that need to integrate somehow a lot of articles are written. In this "All Pages" section you will find an overview of all the articles I have been writing and they are sorted as much as possible in alphabetical order. If you are looking for a keyword just use the search function in the left corner of this page.

Vendors that I have worked with:

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